Potassium hydroxide

Further names
caustic potash
  • Potassium hydroxide 45% technical quality
  • Potassium hydroxide 50% technical quality
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Potassium hydroxide solution is the colloquial name for the aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide. Technical caustic potash solution contains about 50% potassium hydroxide and is produced by the electrolysis (chlor-alkali electrolysis) of potassium chloride solutions. Caustic potash is widely applied in the chemical industry for the production of soaps and dyestuffs and as a cleaning agent. 


  • Fat solvent
  • Production of soaps
  • Oil and varnish paint stripping
  • Neutralization of acids
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Batteries and accumulators
  • Raw material in chemical industry
  • Detergents and cleaning agents
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