Transport & Logistics

Customized delivery to your destination

Customized logistics tailored to the customer's requirements and wishes: At CFK, we set up the supply chain from the producer to the point of use according to this principle. We understand ourselves as a partner who offers the appropriate solution depending on requirements and industry.

Smoothly running production chains through customer proximity

Our product managers work closely with our customers. Personal contact is of particular importance to us. Our logistics experts manage, design, and optimize our supply chain processes. The focus is on individual needs: Tailored services and flexibility are just as important as the integration of our customers', suppliers' and service providers' supply chains - creating optimal cooperation. 

We consider ourselves to be a partner who offers suitable solutions depending on requirements and industry. Our standardized processes ensure transparency, reliability, and efficiency in the supply chain. As a result, we create harmonious processes perfectly integrated into the production chain. 

Quality assurance

Professional high standards strengthened by systems of the parent company

Consistently high quality in logistics, too, without any ifs or buts: This is provided for in cooperation with the logistics unit of our parent company. With professional quality assurance systems and regular independent certifications, we continuously strive for high standards.


We are at your service

Dirk Vogel
Head of Sales / Registered Manager
Ulla Kloft
Product Manager
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