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When reliability in products and supply chain are required, CFK is the partner of choice. Both our input materials and our chemicals for plant cleaning rank at the highest industry standard, which reliably stands the test of time. With accurate documentation, our logistics partners also contribute to the perfection of the delivery.

Systematic quality assurance

Products and logistics you can rely on

Reliable products, logistics partners, and supply chains guarantee you the best quality at all levels. In this regard, CFK performs to the high standards required in the production of detergents and cleaning agents. We furthermore add value to the CO2 balance with CO2-neutral distribution - right through to the end product. 

  • Our products meet all quality standards and requirements 
  • Transportation of chemicals for food processing: We work exclusively with certified logistics partners 
  • Seamlessly documented supply chain 
  • CO2-neutral distribution: CFK is one of the first distributors to assume climate responsibility 
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Dirk Vogel
Head of Sales / Registered Manager
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